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    Foods to Hoard

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    Foods to Hoard

    If you are prepping for a disaster, you know you need food. The question is, which foods should you hoard? There are lots of different essential foods. Protein Bars Protein bars are an excellent food for preppers to keep on hand. These bars contain lots of calories and protein, and they are easy to store. Along with that, they have a long shelf life so you can pick them up today and use them down the road. Canned Meats...

  • Don't Forget the Fishing Gear

    A lot of preppers stock up on food but completely forget about fishing gear. Fishing gear can help you keep food on the table long after your canned supplies run out. You don't even have to have a lot of fishing experience or skills. As long as you have the right gear and a willingness to catch fish, you can get the job done. The Gear You will need a rod and reel, fishing line, hooks, bobbers, and weights. You should also stock up on arti...

  • Communication Skills for the New World

    If a major catastrophe occurs, life as you know it will change. The days of cell phones and landlines will be over. You won't be able to send a letter via the post office or shoot an email. You need to have commination skills that fit into this new world. Morse Code Morse code is one of the easiest ways to communicate during a disaster. Be sure to learn Morse Code immediately, before you need it. It could mean the difference between life ...

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    Arctic sea ice : Winter weather : Roads around Newcastle were blocked by deep snow

    When winter rolls around, you need to include some items in your bug out bag that will help you survive during the cold months. These items will go a long way in making you a success out there. Start with a hand axe or a hatchet. You can use it to cut down wood and other things. You also need a weatherproof tarp. It can work as a makeshift shelter and will keep the elements out during those cold winter months. Snow shoes are another must for your bug o...

  • 6 Keys to Wilderness Survival

    If you are going to survive in the wild, there are six things you need to know. If you know these things, you can survive in various situations. First, you must know how to build a shelter. You should know how to make the shelter out of various supplies so you can survive in any type of situation. You also need to know what you can eat in the wild. Look up safe plants and berries ahead of time. Next, you need to know how to find food. Find out where fo...