April 2014

  • Apr
    Seasonal Bug Out Bags

    Many survivalists think they need a single bug out bag. They will grab that bag, no matter the season. If you only have one bug out bag, you are going to have problems in extreme temperatures. You need to create a winter and summer bug out bag. That way, you can grab the bag you need for the season. Each bag should contain the tools, equipment and supplies you need to survive that season. For instance, in the winter time, you will need supplies to keep you w...

  • Apr
    Protect Your Home

    Most preppers stay up at night worrying about dealing with a home invasion during a crisis. You can take some of the stress off your shoulders by learning some steps to protect your house and your family. Add Barriers in the Home Simply having a solid front door is not enough. Put solid doors with locks for the bedrooms as well. That way, if someone gets into the home, he will have to also get through a second. Control the Ligh...

  • Prepping for the Mobility Challenged

    "Mobility challenged" does not mean helpless. Just because you have mobility issues does not mean you cannot survive an emergency situation. You just have to make special previsions when prepping. Exit Strategy You need to have an exit strategy to get out of your home. That means you need to make sure you will have a path in place, even if there is an earthquake or some other disaster that causes furniture to move. Secure everything so yo...

  • Apr
    Prepping Actions for Today

    If you are interested in prepping but still haven't gotten started, it is time to start today. There are things you can do today to get yourself on the right track. Get Food Start by getting some food. Think in terms of 20's. Get 20 pounds of rice, 20 pounds of beans, and 20 cans of vegetables.  Then, get 20 cans of canned meat. Get Water Water is also important. Get 10 five gallon water containers and fill them to...

  • Apr
    Prepper Priorities

    If you get lost when you out in the wilderness, it is essential hat you prioritize your tasks so you can survive. There are three things you must priorities. First, find water. You can only survive a few days without water so you need to find it quickly. Second, make a shelter. You need to have a warm and dry place to sleep so you can keep your strength up. Strength is essential for survival. Finally, find food. Many people look for food first but that...