May 2014

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    Utilize Your Smartphone

    Once installed on your phone, applications don't need to access a network to work. Because of that, preppers often download apps they and use during a disaster. Let's look at some of the best apps. American Red Cross First Aid This app has all of the first aid information you need during a disaster. It might mean the difference between life and death if an emergency occurs so download it today. BootPrint Pocket Survival

  • Save Money By Buying Supplies Ahead of Time

    Prepping does not have to be expensive. In fact, you can save a lot of money simply by being prepared. If you wait until a disaster occurs to start prepping, you will pay premium prices. For instance, if you buy a generator during a serious power outage, you will pay a high price. If you buy one today, when there is nothing serious going on, you will get a good price. Then, you will have power when others don't. By stockpiling everything you need today, you ...

  • Get Your Spouse Excited About Prepping

    If you are prepping by yourself and ready to bring your spouse onboard, you probably want to know how to talk to him or her. Follow some tips so your spouse will agree to start prepping. Use Real Life Events There are tons of frightening real life events that have been in the news lately. Use events like Hurricane Katrina to explain the need for prepping. Explain Safety is Most Important Prepping is all about safety...

  • Don’t Make These Prepping Mistakes

    If you are prepping for a disaster, it is essential that you avoid some common mistakes. These mistakes will prevent you from surviving the disaster. Failing to Concentrate on Skills Supplies are important, but you also need to accumulate some skills. You should know how to start a fire, hunt, fish, and build things. You also need to practice your skills once you learn them so they will stay fresh. Not Making Food Sustainable

  • May
    Community is Important

    You have probably heard people talk about the need for aligning yourselfer with others when prepping. You might not know why, though. There are several reasons why groups are important. Defense When you have a group, you will have more guards on duty. That means your community is less likely to lose out to outside forces. This makes your community much safer. Work in Shifts There is a lot of work to be done during a...