August 2014

  • Aug
    Get a Light for Your Gun

    You have seen the movies, where people hold a flashlight in one hand and a gun in another. While that looks easy, it is a lot harder than you might think. Instead of multitasking, get a gun with a light already on it. Then you can enjoy various benefits. Better Aim Aiming with two hands is ideal. When you get a gun with a light on it, you can use both hands to aim, which will make each shot count. It Makes the Process Faster

  • Aug
    Eyeglasses and Survival

    You should pack a pair of glasses in your survival bag, even if you have perfect eyesight. Glasses provide more than vision assistance. In fact, they can be an invaluable survival tool. Use Glasses to signal for Help You can make the sunlight bounce of the lenses, creating a signal. The signal will come out as a flashes or a glare, and will help your group find you. If you get separated from your group, this can be very useful.

  • Extra Items for Your Bug Out Bag

    You probably have the same types of items everyone else has in their bug out bags. What you may not realize is you can benefit from adding some additional items in there as well. Nail Clippers You won’t just want to clip your nails for sanitary reasons. You need to clip them for health reasons. Hangnails can get infected. A pair of clippers could actually save your life by preventing infection. Small Fishing Pole ...

  • Avoid These Food Storage Mistakes

    Food is one of the most important things you will have when disaster strikes. It is essential that you avoid some common mistakes so you can eat your food when the disaster strikes. Don't Store Cans in the Heat If you buy cans at the store, don't put them in the garage or the attic. They can't handle a great deal of heat. If you can your own items, they can withstand more heat. Don't Buy Hybrid Seeds You have to buy...