November 2014

  • Nov
    Your Medical History

    When you are prepping, you probably spend most of your time thinking about food and water. After all, you need food and water to survive. You also need to stay healthy to survive. It does not matter if you are in great health or if you have gone through some issues. Either way, you need to get a copy of your medical history. Keep it with your items so you will have it nearby in case of an emergency. Going to a New Doctor You never know wh...

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    If you have gold and silver to use during a crisis, you need to be careful how you store it. You should not keep it lying around the house. That just invites burglars to come over and take it. Start by getting an anti-burglary and anti-fire safe. Put the gold and silver in the safe, and then hide it out of view. When you choose a safe, make sure you can transport it if necessary. After all, you might have to move to another location and you do not want to...

  • Is Your Storm Shelter Wheelchair Accessible

    If you survey your family right now, everyone might be in perfect health. They might not have any mobility issues at all. However, you never know when something might change that. A family member could end up in a wheelchair without a moment's notice. That is why you need to add a wheelchair ramp to your storm shelter. Otherwise, you will have to leave a family member behind during an emergency, or risk your own life in an effort to get him into the shelter. ...

  • Nov
    Hiking in Wet Conditions

    If you have to leave your home to survive, you will find yourself out in the elements. You will need to be able to navigate rough terrain to collect food and water. You will also need to get your exercise in so you can stay in shape and tackle whatever comes your way. It is essential that you know how to navigate terrain in different situations. Today, we are going to talk about hiking in the rain. Walking Stick Bring a walking stick if y...

  • Nov
    Gold Bars or Coins

    Gathering an emergency supply of money is very important. You need to choose gold and silver, since it will maintain its value, even if the dollar collapses. The question is, though, should you go with gold bullion bars or coins? This is an incredibly important decision and one you should not take lightly. A lot of people like to go with bars because they cost less upfront. However, bars are easily counterfeited so they need to be verified. Because of that, ...