December 2014

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    Organize Your Fishing Hooks

    When you go out to fish during a survival situation, you do not want to have to spend a lot of time untangling your hooks. This quick fix will let you cast your line in the water much faster. That means you can provide for your family quickly. Use a safety pin to organize your hooks. Open up the safety pin and put the closed end of the hook through it. Then, close the pin. Now, you will have all of your hooks ready to go. Depending on how many hooks you h...

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    Liquor for Survival

    You need food, water and weapons for survival. You might not realize that liquor can also be helpful during a survival situation. It lasts forever and has several benefits. First, of course, it can calm people down during a survival situation. While you don't want to get drunk during a survival situation, a drink can calm your nerves. On top of that, you can use liquor to clean wounds. This will become increasingly important when you run out of supplies. ...

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    Get Solar Powered

    The power grid is going to go down. It might not be next week, or even next year, but it is going to happen, and no one knows when. Because of that, it is essential that you start using solar power. You can start off slowly and build your solar power resources up so you will be ready when disaster strikes. Solar Kits A solar kit is an easy way to get started with solar power. They don't cost much and they are small and easy to fit into yo...

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    Fix a Toothache on the Go

    A toothache can really slow you down during a survival situation. The pain can get so intense that you might let your guard down. On top of that, you won't be able to just run to the dentist during an emergency. Fortunately, there are some home remedies you can use if suffering from a toothache. Cloves are an excellent remedy for a toothache. Put a clove or a clove oil on the area that hurts and it will dull the pain. Garlic also works. Put a clove of gar...

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    Earplugs and Fishing

    Earplugs are a great addition to any bug out bag. What you may not realize is they can also help you when you are fishing. You can use earplugs as bobbers when you fish. This is a cheap way to craft a bobber when you are in a survival situation. Just thread the hook through the foam earplug. Then, the earplug will go down into the water if you hook a fish. With this in mind, add a few earplugs to your bug out bag. You ca use them to protect your ears and ...