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    3 Items to Barter

    If disaster strikes, money may lose all value. If that happens, you will use skills and items as your currency. There are several low cost items that will have a lot of value after a disaster. Add some of these items to your inventory so you will have them on hand to barter if necessary.


    People will need light after a disaster, and they won’t be able to count on the power companies to provide it. Have some candles on hand to barter with others.


    People will have to start growing their own food if they are going to survive after the disaster. Many won’t have seeds. Have some extra seeds on hand that you can barter.

    Strike Anywhere Matches

    Fire will be necessary after the disaster. Have some strike anywhere matches you can trade with others.

    These items will help you obtain other items that you need after the disaster. That, in turn, will help you surivive.