• 3 Reasons to Be Ready for a Disaster

    If you’re sitting on the prepping fence, not sure if you should be a prepper or not, it’s time to look at some of the problems people will face when a disaster strikes. These problems will give you the push you need to start prepping.

    No Access to Phones

    You won’t be able to use a phone to call 911 or your parents to check on them. Without access to communication, you will have to take care of everything yourself. Don’t you want to be prepared when that happens?

    No Power Anywhere

    When you don’t have power, your alarm system doesn’t work. Your motion sensor lights are out, and the entire neighborhood is dark. That means it is easy for criminals to move around. If you are ready, you can defend your home.

    Looting Takes Over

    You will have to deal with looters on an epic scale. If you are a prepper, you will have what it takes to protect yourself and your belongings.

    Start prepping today. It can save your life.