• Add a Wood Stove or Fireplace to Your Home

    Staying warm will be a serious issue when an emergency strikes. After all, you won’t have the power company to rely on for your heat. Fortunately, you can stay warm by adding a wood stove or fireplace to your home.

    There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you do this.

    First, make sure you avhe plenty of wood on hand, as well as a wood source and a way to cut it down. You should have an axe and easy access to trees to cut down.

    Also, keep in mind that wood burning stoves can make the air in a home dry. Have some extra water on hand that you can boil when you light the stove. That way, the water will maintain the right amount of moisture in the air.

    Follow these tips so you can stay warm in the winter time. You will be happy you did once disaster strikes.