• Jan
    Add Flavor to Your Foods

    You probably have a lot of food stored, just waiting for a disaster to strike. The question is, though, do you have spices? While regular food will provide you with the nutrients you need, spices will keep you from getting bored with your diet. It will make the food much more palpable so it will be easier to stay well fed.

    You should store salt, pepper, and other flavor enhancing items. You should also include some oil. Basically, if it is something that you normally use to cook and it will last in storage, you need to hold onto it. Then, you can prepare delicious meals for your family.

    Be sure to add enough spices for all of your food. You never know how long an emergency will last. It might last a day, a week, a month, a year, or even longer. You should have enough on hand to handle the worst case scenario.