• Additional Uses for Feminine Hygiene Products

    If you are traveling with females, you need to include feminine hygiene products in your bug out bag. They have some extra uses as well, though. You can benefit from these uses in a survival situation.

    Filter Water

    You can use tampons to filter water. Shove the tampon into the top of an empty water bottle. Then, pour the water through it. Keep in mind that this is not as effective as a commercial water filter or water purification tablets but it will still get rid of nasty debris. Because of that, it works in a pinch.


    You can use pads for bandages. They will protect injuries and keep wounds fresh and clean. Just makes sure you get unscented pads so chemicals do not seep into the wound. That could create a serious problem.

    Be sure to add these supplies to your bug out bag. Add as many as you can since they have various uses.