• Avoid Stress During a Survival Situation

    Emergencies bring on stress. When you are stressed, you are prone to make bad decisions. When you are in a survival situations, bad decisions can actually be fatal. Fortunately, you can avoid stress by being prepared. That’s because most people stress over basic needs.

    If you are hungry, thirsty, hot or cold, you will feel stressed. That is why you must prepare a food and water supply ahead of time. You should also put proper attire in your bug out bag to ensure that you are comfortable in various types of weather.

    In addition, you should grow food so you will have a steady supply if the disaster lasts a long time. Along with that, you should have some water purification options on hand that you can use so you will always have fresh water.

    If you can take care of your basic needs, it will be much easier for you to handle your stress. Then, you will be able to survive the disaster.