• Avoid this Food Storage Mistake

    You have probably looked over lists of the foods you should have in an emergency. After reading the lists, you have loaded up on the foods. Now, you have buckets full of the essentials, such as beans, wheat, and rice.

    There is only one problem. You have never cooked any of these items before.

    You will not magically learn how to cook various items once a disaster strikes. Instead, you need to practice ahead of time. Go through various options for cooking the food you have stored. Remember, you won’t want to prepare it the same way every time or you will get bored.

    Don’t be afraid to print out some instructions and keep them with the food. Then you’ll be ready to go when you need to cook the food.

    This is a very important tip so be sure to follow it. Otherwise, you will be very hungry when the disaster strikes.