• Avoid Wildfires When Camping

    If you have to live off the land in a survival situation, you need to avoid starting a wildfire. You can lose everything, including your life, in a wildfire. While you can’t completely stop the chance of a wildfire starting, there are some things you can do to lower your risk.

    Use Properly Working Equipment

    Damaged power equipment can set off sparks that start fires. Inspect your equipment and replace damaged parts to avoid this problem.  If you are unable to use properly working equipment, stay away from dry areas and understand that you are at risk every time you use the equipment.

    Put Out Campfires

    Make sure you completely put out campfires when camping. Hot embers can spark and start a wildfire when you are sleeping.

    Only Burn When It’s Not Windy

    If it is windy out, avoid burning debris. This can start a wildfire that can get out of control quickly. Save your debris burning for calm days.

    Following these tips will greatly reduce your chances of suffering through a wildfire.