• Become Friends with Farmers and Ranchers

    You have heard quite a bit about group prepping. It is good to have people on your team when you are surviving a crisis. It is also good to have friends in high places. In a survival situation, local farmers and ranchers can be your meal ticket. They can help you stock up on fresh vegetables and meat so you will never have to worry about going hungry.

    Seek them out in your area. You can help them with tasks, such as building things. That will help you improve your survival skills. Then, they will be more inclined to help you when a disaster strikes.

    You can share with them your survival knowledge as well. Help them learn more about becoming self-sufficient if a disaster strikes.

    Keep in mind that you can’t enter the relationship expecting something in return. Let it happen naturally. That is the best way to end up with a mutually beneficial relationship.