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    Arctic sea ice : Winter weather : Roads around Newcastle were blocked by deep snow

    When winter rolls around, you need to include some items in your bug out bag that will help you survive during the cold months. These items will go a long way in making you a success out there.

    Start with a hand axe or a hatchet. You can use it to cut down wood and other things.

    You also need a weatherproof tarp. It can work as a makeshift shelter and will keep the elements out during those cold winter months.

    Snow shoes are another must for your bug out bag. You will be much more mobile in these shoes if you live in an area that snows.

    You also need a sleeping bag that has a rating of at least 10 degrees below zero. If your sleeping bag can’t keep you warm, you won’t survive out there.

    Once you add these items to your winter bug out bag, you will be ready if disaster strikes during the cold months.