• Nov
    Hiking in Wet Conditions

    If you have to leave your home to survive, you will find yourself out in the elements. You will need to be able to navigate rough terrain to collect food and water. You will also need to get your exercise in so you can stay in shape and tackle whatever comes your way. It is essential that you know how to navigate terrain in different situations. Today, we are going to talk about hiking in the rain. Walking Stick Bring a walking stick if y...

  • Oct
    Camping in Hot Weather

    You do not want to get overheated when you are camping. Getting overheated can make you sick. It can also cause you to drink a lot more water, which will cut into your supplies. If you want to stay at a good temperature when camping, you need to follow some tips for building your shelter. First, dig a trench that is at least 18 inches deep. Then, you should place your tarp in the trench. If possible, fold the tarp over. Then, take the dirt you used to dig th...

  • Camping Gear in Case it Rains

    If you have to survive outside for a while, you will likely encounter a rain storm or two. Because of that, it is important that you have some rain gear. Without the right rain gear, you will be wet, cold and uncomfortable. Necessary Gear You need to have a poncho so you can spend time outside of your shelter. You also need nylon clothing so you will dry quickly. Synthetic sleeping bags perform well in the rain. You should also have a ...