• Feb
    Is Your Firewood Dry

    Wet firewood will not burn properly. If you throw wet firewood on top of the fire, you might even lose your flame. Fortunately, you can check for wet firewood easily. Just follow a couple of tips and you won't get fooled by wet firewood again. Take a small piece of firewood and snap it. If it snaps cleanly through, it is dry. However, if it bends instead of snaps, it is wet. You will need to look elsewhere for firewood if it bends. You can also bang two p...

  • Oct
    Materials for a Fire Pit

    If the power grid goes down, your stove won't work anymore. You can still cook your food, but you wil have to do it over a fire. You can build a fire pit in your yard to use for this purpose. First, you will need to have the necessary supplies. Necessary Supplies Start with some bricks. You don't need fancy bricks. As long as you can set the bricks up in a circle, they will work. You will also need medium grade gravel, a plank of wood...

  • candle

    It doesn't matter if the power goes out or the entire power grid goes down. Either way, you are going to need some light. While a lot of people go with standard candles, the flameless candle is a good option. They aren't a fire hazard like regular candles are, and they are easier to use. Candle Info A flameless candle runs on batteries. Many of the batteries last for 500 hours so you can use them for a long time before you have to replace...