• Jan
    Credit Cards and First Aid

    You know you have to save up gold and silver for a crisis. What you may not know is you should still keep your credit cards on hand. You won't need them to buy things. If the grid goes down, no one will be able to accept credit cards. Instead, you can use them for first aid. Bee Stings and Splinters You can use a credit card to remove bee stings and splinters from your skin. Scrape the card against your skin in a way that will force the s...

  • Jan
    Uses for Duct Tape

    You have probably heard people talk about the wonders of duct tape. You might wonder if duct tape is really so magical. The truth is, it can help you quite a bit during a survival situation. Be sure to stock up so you can enjoy all of the benefits. First, you can use duct tape to make a butterfly bandage. This can help your wounds heal faster. You can also use duct tape for makeshift handcuffs. If you have to detain someone who tries to hurt you or take y...

  • Add Super Glue to Your First Aid Kit

    Super glue is an excellent addition to a first aid kit. If you have some around your house, pop it into your first aid kit so you will have it for an emergency. If you do not have any handy, run out to the store and get some so you will have it when you need it. Using Super Glue Super glue will hold minor cuts together. Start by cleaning the cut. Then put the super glue on the cut and seal the wound. Be mindful that you should not get any...

  • Dec
    Fix a Toothache on the Go

    A toothache can really slow you down during a survival situation. The pain can get so intense that you might let your guard down. On top of that, you won't be able to just run to the dentist during an emergency. Fortunately, there are some home remedies you can use if suffering from a toothache. Cloves are an excellent remedy for a toothache. Put a clove or a clove oil on the area that hurts and it will dull the pain. Garlic also works. Put a clove of gar...

  • Dec
    Do You Need Antibiotics

    You want to have a comprehensive first aid kit at your disposal during a disaster. You can build your kit up by adding some antibiotics to it. While you have to get a prescription for antibiotics, you doctor might write you one now, even if you are not sick. Explain that you want to have some extra pills on hand in case there is a disaster. Ask him for an antibiotic that will kill common illnesses. Once you get them, you need to store them in a cool, dry ...