• Nov
    Your Medical History

    When you are prepping, you probably spend most of your time thinking about food and water. After all, you need food and water to survive. You also need to stay healthy to survive. It does not matter if you are in great health or if you have gone through some issues. Either way, you need to get a copy of your medical history. Keep it with your items so you will have it nearby in case of an emergency. Going to a New Doctor You never know wh...

  • Add Tongue Depressors to Your First Aid Kit

    First aid kits are usually full of bandages and other common items. You might not realize that you should also add some tongue depressors to your first aid kit. You won't use them to check sore throats. Instead, you will use them as splints. If someone in your group breaks or severely sprains a finger, they need to keep it immobilized. That can be difficult if you just have your normal first aid items. Instead, use the tongue depressor to keep the finger str...

  • Add Hand Sanitizer to Your First Aid Kit

    If you are applying first aid to someone, you needed to have clean hands. If your hands are dirty, you can transfer germs to the wound. Then, the person might end up in worse shape than he was in when he got injured. In a normal situation, you would just wash your hands. You might not have that option in the wild, though. That's why you need to include hand sanitizer in your first aid kit. How to Use Apply the hand sanitizer every time yo...

  • May
    why you need water

    Some survivalists don't understand how important it is to have plenty of water during an emergency situation. Water has lots of benefits that will help you survive. Immune System First, water protects your immune system. If you fail to drink water, you can end up feeling sick. Sickness is your worst enemy during a disaster. Gives You Energy You need energy when you are in a survival situation. After all, you have to...

  • May
    Vaccinations and Prepping

    If a disaster strikes, hospitals could close down. That means people won't be able to get the medical care they need. At the same time, diseases could spread like wildfire. Some of those diseases might be ones you were vaccinated for as a child, such as measles, mumps and rubella. If you were vaccinated before 1969, your MMR booster isn't any good anymore. That means you need to get vaccinated today, before a disaster strikes and you can't get the medical care ...