Living Off the Grid

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    Get Solar Powered

    The power grid is going to go down. It might not be next week, or even next year, but it is going to happen, and no one knows when. Because of that, it is essential that you start using solar power. You can start off slowly and build your solar power resources up so you will be ready when disaster strikes. Solar Kits A solar kit is an easy way to get started with solar power. They don't cost much and they are small and easy to fit into yo...

  • Can You Live Without Technology

    Technology probably dominates your life. You spend your days on your computer and your phone. You read books on your iPad, and watch movies on Netflix. Technology is the center of your universe. That will change when a disaster strikes. All of the sudden, you won't be able to use your electronic devices. If you aren't prepared, this will come as a huge culture shock for you. You might even get depressed when you have to give up technology. Make it easi...