• Apr
    Photo Albums for Survival

    If you have elderly people in your family, you want to make sure they are safe during an emergency situation. A photo album is a great way to keep everyone safe. How it Works When an emergency occurs, elderly people often forget important information. If the power grid goes down, emergency personnel will not be able to access information in their phones. With that in mind, create a portable photo album with your family in it. Include all ...

  • Packing a Bug Out Bag for Seniors

    If you or someone you love is a senior citizen, you need to put some special items in a bug out bag. These items will ensure that seniors are safe and comfortable during a disaster. Adult diapers are a good addition to a senior's bug out bag. Even if the senior does not currently need adult diapers, add them into the bag, since you do not know when disaster will strike. A magnifying glass is another great item. Seniors' eyes aren't what they used to be, s...

  • Jan

    If you or someone you love is elderly, you have to approach survival differently. If you don’t have a plan designed specifically for an elderly person, you might run into trouble when the time comes to implement the plan. Fortunately, you can follow some tips to ensure you are safe during a disaster or emergency situation. Have Medical Supplies On Hand You need to have all of your medical supplies and a two week supply of medication in ...