Survival Equipment

  • Keep Your Survival Stash a Secret

    You need to keep a low profile as a survivalist. Your neighbors should not know that you are prepping for a disaster. If they do, you will become a target. Once things go down, they will want to take your food and other supplies. That will make it much harder to survive. Keeping it a secret is easier than you might think. Just keep things hidden out of sight. You can use nature to hide your garden, and keep your supplies stocked up in your home. If you have ...

  • Jan
    Uses for Duct Tape

    You have probably heard people talk about the wonders of duct tape. You might wonder if duct tape is really so magical. The truth is, it can help you quite a bit during a survival situation. Be sure to stock up so you can enjoy all of the benefits. First, you can use duct tape to make a butterfly bandage. This can help your wounds heal faster. You can also use duct tape for makeshift handcuffs. If you have to detain someone who tries to hurt you or take y...

  • Nov
    Garlic for Survival

    You might like garlic on your bread or in your spaghetti. You also need to include it in your survival gear. Garlic has a lot of great benefits that will help you during a survival situation. Benefits of Garlic Mosquito bites can be a real pain when you are surviving in the wild. Garlic acts as a natural mosquito repellent, making it easier to live outside. It is also a natural antibiotic and will boost your immune system. With that in...

  • Oct
    Materials for a Fire Pit

    If the power grid goes down, your stove won't work anymore. You can still cook your food, but you wil have to do it over a fire. You can build a fire pit in your yard to use for this purpose. First, you will need to have the necessary supplies. Necessary Supplies Start with some bricks. You don't need fancy bricks. As long as you can set the bricks up in a circle, they will work. You will also need medium grade gravel, a plank of wood...

  • Sep
    Do You Have a Generator

    You have food, water, and other supplies. You are ready for anything that comes your way, except for darkness. If you don't have a generator, you aren't truly ready for a disaster. The right generator will keep everything powered up during a disaster so you can go on living your life, even though the power grid is down. Determine What Size of Generator You Need The first thing you need to do is determine the size of the generator you need...