Survival Equipment

  • Aug
    Eyeglasses and Survival

    You should pack a pair of glasses in your survival bag, even if you have perfect eyesight. Glasses provide more than vision assistance. In fact, they can be an invaluable survival tool. Use Glasses to signal for Help You can make the sunlight bounce of the lenses, creating a signal. The signal will come out as a flashes or a glare, and will help your group find you. If you get separated from your group, this can be very useful.

  • Jul
    Avoid Boredom on the Go

    Most preppers put all of their focus on safety and general survival. Because of that, they typically forget about mental health. You will not stay mentally healthy if you are bored out of your mind. With that in mind, you need to include some entertainment items in your bug out bag. Possible Items Puzzle books are an excellent item. Not only will they keep you entertained, but they will keep your mind active when you are on the road. Y...

  • Additional Uses for Feminine Hygiene Products

    If you are traveling with females, you need to include feminine hygiene products in your bug out bag. They have some extra uses as well, though. You can benefit from these uses in a survival situation. Filter Water You can use tampons to filter water. Shove the tampon into the top of an empty water bottle. Then, pour the water through it. Keep in mind that this is not as effective as a commercial water filter or water purification tablets...

  • Add Smoke Bombs to Your Field Bag

    Smoke bombs can be a lifesaver when you are out in the field. They can help people find you or keep you hidden. Because of that, it is essential that you add a few to your bag. Help People Find You If you are with a group and you get lost, you can use a smoke bomb to show others were you are. Then, they can pick you up. Remain Hidden You can also use a smoke bomb to mask your movements. For instance, if you need to ...

  • Jul
    Safety Pins for Survival

    Do you have safety pins in your first aid kit? If you don't, you're not alone. A lot of people don't have these essential items. Unfortunately, they realize that was a mistake as soon as they get in a situation that requires a safety pin. Uses for Safety Pins Safety pins have several uses. First, of course, they hold bandages together. If you have a deep wound, this is essential. You can also use them to dig out splinters. You will build ...