• Water

    Preppers usually do an excellent job of storing water for drinking. Then, a disaster strikes and they realize they have forgotten something very important. They don't just use water to stay hydrated. They also use it for cooking. They use water to boil various items, so if they do not have enough of it, they run out well before they should. Go through the amount of food you have stored and see how much water you will need. Then, save enough water to use for ...

  • Jan
    Symptoms of Dehydration

    You need to stay hydrated if you are going to survive. It is important that you know the signs of dehydration. That way, you can start drinking water if you experience any of them. What to Look out For If you are dehydrated, you might become dizzy and tired. You will also likely get a headache and experience cramps and nausea. In addition, there is a good chance you will become irritated if you are dehydrated. If you experience any of ...

  • Sep
    Collect Rainwater

    As a prepper, you always need to look for sources of water. Rainwater is an excellent source of water. Even if you have access to ample water, it is a good idea to collect rainwater when you have the opportunity. After all, you can never have too much water. You can collect rainwater with a bottle or a container. Just put it on the ground and let the rainwater fall into it. Put the bottle or container in an open area, though, so it does not go through trees ...

  • Aug
    Water Storage Mistakes

    If you are new to prepping, you might not know how to safely store water. The first thing you need to do is learn some common mistakes. Once you know how to avoid the mistakes, you can begin storing water safely. Don't Repurpose a Container Never put water in a container that has been used for something else. Use containers that have only held water. Otherwise, you an contaminate your water. Don't Store Water in a Hot Place

  • Aug
    Rotate Your Water

    Most preppers know they need to store water. They don't realize they need to rotate it. It is essential that you rotate your water so it does not go bad. The amount of time the water lasts depends on the container you use. Plastic Containers If you store water in plastic bottles and place them in a temperature controlled room, they will last for 6 to 12 months. Drink the water and replace it. Put the new water in the back to rotate it. Al...