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    If you end up on the go without a water filter, you can save the day by making one. A soil filter is an excellent way to filter out impurities. While not as fancy as a commercial filter, it will get the job done so you can drink water during the emergency situation. Supplies You don't need much for a soil filter. You need to have a container, a shirt or another piece of cloth, and some soil. Put the shirt over the container's opening. ...

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    Water is one of the most important parts of being a survivalist. You simply cannot survive without water, and if the water system is down, you have to find a way to purify water so you can drink it. Commercial water filters are an excellent way to purify water, and they are easy to include in your emergency kit. How Commercial Water Filters Work These filters contain a hose that water passes through a purifier, and then a filter. By the t...

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    If you are taken by surprise in an emergency, you might not be able to grab all of your equipment. If that is the case, you will have to take care of business on the go. You will need everything from food to water. Today, let's look at making a makeshift water filter out of cigarettes. This can make the difference between staying hydrated or suffering from dehydration. How it Works Cigarettes have filters on them. Simply remove the cigare...