• Children and Disasters

    It is easy to feel scared during a disaster, especially when you are responsible for kids. After all, their lives depend on you, so you want to make sure everything goes perfectly. That is a lot of pressure. There are two thingsĀ  you need to remember. If you are prepared, you don’t need to be scared, and you need to let your kids know they are safe. If your kids think they have a reason to be afraid, they will be very afraid. That will make it much harder to control the situation. If you can’t control the situation, you will end up with someone getting hurt, or worse.

    Give your kids lots of hugs and reassurance during a survival situation. Also, show them how you have planned for the situation. That will give them some additional confidence.

    Be prepared, not scared, and show your kids your confidence. The situation will go much better if your kids are confident.