• Sep
    Collect Rainwater

    As a prepper, you always need to look for sources of water. Rainwater is an excellent source of water. Even if you have access to ample water, it is a good idea to collect rainwater when you have the opportunity. After all, you can never have too much water.

    You can collect rainwater with a bottle or a container. Just put it on the ground and let the rainwater fall into it. Put the bottle or container in an open area, though, so it does not go through trees before it goes into your bottle.

    While some people drink rainwater as soon as they collect it, filter it. Rainwater can contain chemicals that you should filter out before you consume it.

    If you know how to collect rainwater, you will manage to keep your water supplies high, even if the disaster lasts for months or years. That will allow you to thrive out in the wild.