• Communication Skills for the New World

    If a major catastrophe occurs, life as you know it will change. The days of cell phones and landlines will be over. You won’t be able to send a letter via the post office or shoot an email. You need to have commination skills that fit into this new world.

    Morse Code

    Morse code is one of the easiest ways to communicate during a disaster. Be sure to learn Morse Code immediately, before you need it. It could mean the difference between life and death.

    Ham Radio

    Ham Radios will continue to work, even if all other methods of communication fail. Be sure to pick up a Ham Radio so you can communicate with others during a disaster.

    Your cell phone is a great device, but it isn’t going to save you during a disaster. If you don’t open yourself up to other methods of commination, you will be in trouble during a major event.