• Jan
    Credit Cards and First Aid

    You know you have to save up gold and silver for a crisis. What you may not know is you should still keep your credit cards on hand. You won’t need them to buy things. If the grid goes down, no one will be able to accept credit cards. Instead, you can use them for first aid.

    Bee Stings and Splinters

    You can use a credit card to remove bee stings and splinters from your skin. Scrape the card against your skin in a way that will force the stinger or splinter out the same way it came. Then, you need to rinse the area off. If it has been in your skin for a while, you should also put some type of disinfectant on it and bandage the area so it does not get infected.

    Credit cards may not be able to help you financially down the road, but add one to your first aid kit. You never know when it might come in handy.