• Don’t Make These Prepping Mistakes

    If you are prepping for a disaster, it is essential that you avoid some common mistakes. These mistakes will prevent you from surviving the disaster.

    Failing to Concentrate on Skills

    Supplies are important, but you also need to accumulate some skills. You should know how to start a fire, hunt, fish, and build things. You also need to practice your skills once you learn them so they will stay fresh.

    Not Making Food Sustainable

    You need to have a supply of food stored. You also need to have a survival garden so you can eat off the land. After all, what if you need to feed yourself for years? You can’t store years’ worth of food so you need sustainability.

    Lack of Variety

    You need to have variety when it comes to food. Otherwise, you will put your body under a lot of stress.

    Follow these tips so you can be successful when disaster strikes.