• Extra Items for Your Bug Out Bag

    You probably have the same types of items everyone else has in their bug out bags. What you may not realize is you can benefit from adding some additional items in there as well.

    Nail Clippers

    You won’t just want to clip your nails for sanitary reasons. You need to clip them for health reasons. Hangnails can get infected. A pair of clippers could actually save your life by preventing infection.

    Small Fishing Pole

    Get a tiny fishing pole for your bug out bag. You will be happy that you did when you catch a fish on the go. After all, fish has all of the nutrients you need to stay healthy during a survival situation.

    Gas Mask

    You never know what a disaster might bring, which is why you must be prepared for anything and everything. Include a gas mask so you can survive during chemical warfare

    Your bug out bag is a means to survive. Include these items so you can make it through various situations.