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    Falling in a Riot

    If you find yourself in a riot, it is important that you do your best to walk away. Continue to move so you can get out of the riot. Unfortunately, even if you do everything right, you might fall. After all, crowds move quickly and erratically, so it is easy to get tripped up. If you fall, it is essential that you take the proper action.

    Protect Your Organs

    If you lay flat after you fall, you might get trampled. That can hurt your internal organs, which could kill you. Instead, put yourself into a ball. Make the ball as tight as possible in order to protect all of your fragile body parts. Then, if people walk over you, you won’t get seriously injured.

    Other people might fall over you when you are in a ball, but that is okay. The more people that fall in one spot, the more likely the crowd will change directions.

    Be sure to follow this tip if you fall in a riot. This could make the difference between life and death.