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    Foods to Hoard

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    Foods to Hoard

    If you are prepping for a disaster, you know you need food. The question is, which foods should you hoard? There are lots of different essential foods.

    Protein Bars

    Protein bars are an excellent food for preppers to keep on hand. These bars contain lots of calories and protein, and they are easy to store. Along with that, they have a long shelf life so you can pick them up today and use them down the road.

    Canned Meats

    Canned meats are another excellent choice. Again, you will get lots of protein. They are also easy to store and they have a long shelf life.


    There is a reason they always eat rice on the show Survivor. It is healthy and easy to prepare, and has a long shelf life. Be sure to store different types of rice so you can enjoy some variety.

    Add these foods to your pantry so you will be ready for a disaster.