• Aug
    Get a Light for Your Gun

    You have seen the movies, where people hold a flashlight in one hand and a gun in another. While that looks easy, it is a lot harder than you might think. Instead of multitasking, get a gun with a light already on it. Then you can enjoy various benefits.

    Better Aim

    Aiming with two hands is ideal. When you get a gun with a light on it, you can use both hands to aim, which will make each shot count.

    It Makes the Process Faster

    If you have to fumble for a flashlight, you might miss your shot. Worse than that, an intruder might take you down. By having everything together in one piece, you will be much faster, which means you will be more protected.

    Be sure to pick up a light for your gun. Then practice shooting with two hands so you can enjoy the improved aim.