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    Get Solar Powered

    The power grid is going to go down. It might not be next week, or even next year, but it is going to happen, and no one knows when. Because of that, it is essential that you start using solar power. You can start off slowly and build your solar power resources up so you will be ready when disaster strikes.

    Solar Kits

    A solar kit is an easy way to get started with solar power. They don’t cost much and they are small and easy to fit into your home. You can use the solar kit to power up some small electronics such as you iPad. Just make sure you use the solar kit before the emergency occurs. Otherwise, you might discover that you have a faulty kit when it is too late.

    As you get used to your solar kit, add more so you can run more and more items off solar power. This will make your life much easier when disaster strikes.