• Get Strong for a Crisis with Early Morning Training

    You might like the idea of sleeping in, but sleeping in doesn’t bode well for your ability to survive during a crisis. If you are going to thrive in a crisis, you need to get out of bed and get to work. Part of that is getting up and working out early in the morning. Working out in the morning will help you get into great shape. Then, you will be ready to take on whatever comes your way during an emergency.

    Whenever you work out in the morning, your metabolism gets to work for you. It moves quickly during the day so you can burn fat. Then, it slows down in time for bed. That helps you get well rested.

    You have to be in shape if you are going to do well in an emergency. Get up early in the morning and get your workout in. Then, get a good night’s sleep in and do it all again.