• Get Your Spouse Excited About Prepping

    If you are prepping by yourself and ready to bring your spouse onboard, you probably want to know how to talk to him or her. Follow some tips so your spouse will agree to start prepping.

    Use Real Life Events

    There are tons of frightening real life events that have been in the news lately. Use events like Hurricane Katrina to explain the need for prepping.

    Explain Safety is Most Important

    Prepping is all about safety. Once your spouse sees that, he or she will be more likely to take part in it. While your spouse might not want to take part in prepping as a lifestyle, they will have a hard time arguing against the safety.

    Just be sure to take it slow when introducing your spouse to prepping. If you rush into it, you might scare your spouse away. Let them ease into it so they can get acclimated as they get started.