• Gold and Silver

    It is very likely that the financial system will collapse. After all, the US uses a fiat currency. That means it is not backed by anything. Once the government stops saying it is worth something (or once people stop believing it is worth something) it will be worthless. That means it is time to stop relying on the all mighty dollar. Instead, stock up on gold and silver.

    Supplies are Limited

    Gold and silver are in limited supply. That makes them worth something. They can’t just be manufactured like money can so they do not lose their value. In fact, they increase in value as less and less makes its way into circulation.

    Golf and Silver Options

    You can get gold and silver jewelry, gold, and coins. Be careful when you get coins. You don’t want to pay more than the weight of the golf or silver. Don’t pay extra for collectible pieces.

    Start collecting gold and silver today and store it away until you need it.