• Sep
    Hands on Prepping for Kids

    It’s normal to want to take on all of the prepping tasks for your family. However, it is important that your children are involved as well. They should have a hand in various prepping acts so they will be able to take on some of the responsibilities in case you get injured.

    Work Side by Side

    Start by having your children work side by side with you through various prepping tasks. For instance, have them work with you in the garden so they will know how to grow food for survival.

    Then, have them take the reins. Let them start growing the food and taking on various preparation duties. Nothing is as good as hands on experience so this is critical. Once your children get some hands on experience, they will be ready for a disaster.

    Even if you are always there, it will be nice to have kids who can help. Plus, it will give them more confidence, which is critical in an emergency situation.