• Heating Body Vs Heating the Room

    If the power goes out in the middle of the winter, your home can become cold very quickly. In fact, it can become so cold that you might even get hypothermia. You will have to ask yourself if you should heat your body or the room. While most people choose to heat the room, you can actually heat your body faster. Speed is important when you are staving off hypothermia so this something to think about when you face the situation.

    Heating Your Body

    You can easily heat your body. Simply put on more clothes. Line your body with thermals and then put on a sweater, some extra pants, and some socks. When the temperature drops, put on even more clothing. Doing this will keep you warm and protect you.

    You need to have extra clothing on hand in order for this to work. Be sure to keep some at home and in your car so you will be ready for an emergency.