• Feb
    How to Treat Frost Nip

    If you have to camp out in the cold weather, you will be exposed to the elements. You have to be careful that you don’t get injured from the cold weather. Frost nip is one thing you have to look out for. The first stage of frostbite, you can reverse the damage and prevent frostbite from occurring if you act quickly.

    First, you ended to identify the signs. You will notice pale skin in the affected area. Also, the area will feel numb and tingly.

    You need to rewarm the area as soon as you notice these signs. You can do that by covering the area up or blowing on it. Once it is warm, the symptoms should go away.

    You need to be mindful of frost nip because you do not want it to turn into frostbite. That is when serious problems can occur.