• Feb
    Is Your Firewood Dry

    Wet firewood will not burn properly. If you throw wet firewood on top of the fire, you might even lose your flame. Fortunately, you can check for wet firewood easily. Just follow a couple of tips and you won’t get fooled by wet firewood again.

    Take a small piece of firewood and snap it. If it snaps cleanly through, it is dry. However, if it bends instead of snaps, it is wet. You will need to look elsewhere for firewood if it bends.

    You can also bang two pieces of firewood together and listen to the sound. Dry firewood makes a ring or a bonk noise on impact, while wet firewood sounds dull. Again, get rid of the wet firewood and preplace it with dry firewood.

    These tips will help you keep your fire going. You can seek out dry firewood and stop throwing wet wood on the fire.