• Is Your Vehicle Ready for a Disaster

    If you are going to have to travel during a disaster, you need to make sure your vehicle is ready ahead of time. If you wait until the disaster strikes, it will be too late. There are a few things you can do today to ensure your vehicle is ready.

    Check the Oil

    Make sure the oil is clean and ready in the vehicle. That will keep your engine running.

    Check the Tires

    Check the tread on your tires. They should not have any bald spots on them. You should also have a spare tire ready to go.


    You should always have a full tank of gas in your vehicle. That way, you will be ready to go at any time.

    Extra Lights

    All lights should be in working order, and you should have replacement bulbs on hand. In addition, have replacement fuses so you can fix problems quickly when on the road.

    Inspect your vehicle today so it will be ready when disaster strikes. You do not want something to keep you from making it to safety.