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    Knife Safety 101

    by admin
    Knife Safety 101

    Knife skills are an important part of survival. You need to know some basic safety skills if you are going to do well with your knife. While a lot of knife safety skills are common sense, it is still a good idea to go over them.

    Don’t Try to Catch a Knife

    You might drop your knife when working. If you do, let it fall. Some people instinctively try to catch it. That is a good way to get cut.

    Make Sure the Knife is Sharp Enough

    Using a knife that is too dull can actually be dangerous. You will have to use more force to cut the object, which could put you in harm’s way. Sharpen knives as needed.

    Keep the Knife in Front of You

    Don’t use your knife at the side of your body. Keep the knife and what you are cutting out in front of you, remaining mindful of where the knife will go if you miss the object.

    These safety tips will make it easier for you to stay safe when using your knife.