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    Liquor for Survival

    You need food, water and weapons for survival. You might not realize that liquor can also be helpful during a survival situation. It lasts forever and has several benefits.

    First, of course, it can calm people down during a survival situation. While you don’t want to get drunk during a survival situation, a drink can calm your nerves.

    On top of that, you can use liquor to clean wounds. This will become increasingly important when you run out of supplies.

    You can also use liquor to dull the pain. This is very important if you have someone who is badly injured and you don’t have any pain medication. Let him have a few drinks to dull the pain so you can tend to his wounds. This will keep him much calmer and prevent him from going into shock.

    While you don’t want to have a big party when you are surviving, keep some liquor on hand. It can be quite useful.