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    pet emergency kit

    Prepping for pets is not the same as prepping for people. If you are prepping for your pets, you need to prepare a pet emergency kit. This kit will ensure that your pets survive an emergency situation.

    What You Need

    You need several items for your pet emergency kit. You should include a collar and ID tags, your pet’s medication, bottled water, pet food, and first aid supplies. You also need vet records.

    In addition to the essential supplies, it is a good idea to bring a toy for your pets to play with. This will help alleviate boredom and ensure he is good when you are on the road. In addition, consider bringing a pet bed along with you. That will make it easier for your pet to rest if you have to camp.

    The right equipment will ensure that your pets are safe on your travels. Start creating the kit today so you will be ready if an emergency occurs.