• Plants for a Survival Garden

    Survival gardens are an excellent way to have food on hand when a disaster occurs. It is essential that you pick the right plants for your survival garden. Otherwise, you won’t have the food you need when an emergency strikes. We are going to make things easy for you by telling you some plants to add to your survival garden.

    Start with some potatoes. They are easy to grow and go with just about anything. Plus, they taste great and they will give you the fuel you need during an emergency.

    You should also add in some beans. Not only do they put nitrogen back into the soil, they have antioxidants, fiber, and protein.

    Finally, add in some cabbage. This low calorie food is full of nutrients, and it keeps those nutrients, even when cooked.

    These are just a few of the items you should add to your survival garden. Be sure to add these in and stay tuned for additional ideas.