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    Prepper Tips

    by admin
    bug out bag

    If you are going to become a prepper, there are some tips you need to follow. These tips will ensure that you succeed as a prepper. While not difficult, they do require your time and dedication.

    1. Get in shape.

    You might have to navigate difficult terrain and live off the land as a prepper. That means you need to be in good physical shape. Start jogging and lifting weights, or go to the gym. Do what you can to improve your physical condition.

    1. Put together a bug out bag.

    You need a bag you can grab if you have to leave quickly. Get it ready so you will be ready to go.

    1. Have a plan.

    A prepper is only as good as his evacuation plan. Come up with an evacuation plan so you can leave without hesitation.

    Follow these tips so you will be able to survive if a disaster strikes.