• Apr
    Prepping Actions for Today

    If you are interested in prepping but still haven’t gotten started, it is time to start today. There are things you can do today to get yourself on the right track.

    Get Food

    Start by getting some food. Think in terms of 20’s. Get 20 pounds of rice, 20 pounds of beans, and 20 cans of vegetables.  Then, get 20 cans of canned meat.

    Get Water

    Water is also important. Get 10 five gallon water containers and fill them to the brim with water. That will give you a good start when it comes to water storage.

    Get Light

    You will also need light during a survival situation. Pick up a flashlight and batteries, along with some flameless candles. That way, you will have ample light during a survival situation.

    This is just the beginning of survival preparations. Do this, and then check out additional posts so you can continue to prepare yourself for disaster.